Sheep are sheared…and I’ve got work to do

My friend up the road (who also raises Gulf Coast Native sheep) came to shear my sheep on Saturday morning, so now I have two bags of fleeces from my own sheep to work with in the upcoming months.

This was Mocha and Tillie’s first shearing, so I’m excited to see how their fiber turns out. I did wash/scour a couple of ounces of each fleece, but I’ve only spun a sample of Mocha’s fiber so far (see pictures below). I’ll post results from Tillie’s sample when I finish spinning it.

Baby Sean is now a little over 4 weeks old and I’m still trying to decide what to do with him–try to sell him or keep him as a pet (after band castrating him, of course).


2 thoughts on “Sheep are sheared…and I’ve got work to do

    1. I’ve spun dozens of breeds, and I can honesly say that GCN is one of my all time favorites. I am fortunate that this breed thrives in the Southeastern U.S. where I live and I was able to get some for myself. I knew nothing about them a few years ago, and certainly didn’t know that anyone around Alabama had any. Most people keep goats or hair sheep here. Let me know if you end up getting some and how you like it!


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