“Surprise” Lamb from Mocha

I got a little shock this morning when I walked outside to feed Mocha and Tillie. Inside the shed was a little lamb…and I had to do a double take. My first thought was “who has dropped this lamb off in my shed” and then it dawned on me that it had to have come from Mocha–who was only 5-6 months old when I got her in early November–way too young to have a lamb of her own. Or so I thought.

I called the farmer I bought Mocha from to see if there was some mistake about her age. Apparently, a Gulf Coast Native ram named Aries had broken into the young ewes’ pen last fall. Because the ewes were so young, the farmer thought all was well, reproduction-wise. Guess not.

So, now we have a little ram lamb–named Sean by my daughter. Mocha has proved to be an excellent mother. Sean was clean and dry when I found him (probably a few hours after his birth) and is a spritely little fella already–hopping around by his mom’s side.


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