Update since July: Lots of Finished Projects! And tons of new yarns!

I’m not sure what happened, but I totally forgot about updating this blog (I have several blogs), so I have lots of finished objects to show off and new yarns to show too. (Only Deep South Yarn Hop purchases are being shown here).

I think I bought more yarn over the summer than the whole of last year…well, maybe not that much, but close. The 2020 Deep South Yarn Hop just finished up a couple of weeks ago…and I bought more yarn than I had planned, but some of the deals were unreal. So, that being said, I don’t have to buy yarn for the next decade…and that’s if I’m using it almost every day. My stash has seriously gotten out of control. I tried to do an inventory, but after a few hours, I gave up.

I also relaunched my own indie dyed yarn line this fall: Mythos Yarns, which are available at Hook A Frog Fiber & Fun (Madison, AL). I’m only dyeing in very small batches at present to see what bases/colors sell best before I do a full scale launch next year.

I’ve woven 13 scarves in the past month….along with knitting some hat projects. I’m still working on my Soundtrack Sweater and another sweater that I’ve had on the needles for several months. But, considering I’ve knitted 5 sweaters between March and August, I’m not feeling too bad about it.

Off the loom: Baby Alpaca, Silk, Linen, Beech Tree Fiber, Cotton, Merino blend Shawl

Since I’ve been knitting my tail off this summer, I haven’t woven as many projects as I normally would on my loom, but I did manage to weave another shawl using remnant yarns that I had sitting around.

Woven on 32″ Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom; 8 dpi reed

Finished Object: Cotton/Wool Blend Pullover

A week ago today, I finished the pullover I was knitting…using a pattern from a sweater app (knittingfool.com Sweater Generator). Essentially, you add in the row count/stitch count (4″) of the yarn, the recommended needle size and the bust size you want. I followed the directions up to a certain point…until I saw that if I kept going, the sweater was going to be mammoth-sized, so after trying it on before separating the sleeves, I decided to make a design decision and stop where I was. I separated the sleeves about 5-7 rows before the pattern told me to…and luckily, the sweater still fits. The sleeves could’ve used a little decreasing, but I just added the ribbing instead, so they are a little billowy.

I used Tahki Yarns Tucson for this sweater–an aran weight yarn–composed of 52% Cotton/ 48% wool, and it is cloud soft, but still holds its shape. I did toss it in the dryer (not recommended on the ball band), so the fibers fluffed up a bit–which I like.

Finished Object: Remnant Yarn Woven Shawl

Another remnant yarn shawl came off the loom this week after spending a really long time on the loom. I normally finish weaving projects in a day or two, but with all my knitting lately, I put this project off for quite a while. I’m happy with the results, even though I considered it a “boring” weave while it was on the loom.

I used several different yarns for this project, so I won’t list them all unless someone is really interested, but the fibers are baby alpaca, mohair, mulberry silk, merino, & cotton.

Finished Object: Wedge Yoke Lace Pullover

It’s finally off my needles! I’m mostly happy with this pullover, although I did make it too big. It still fits, but feels huge. I think I’ll start going down a size on future projects because this seems to be the going trend for me. The yarn I used (Louisa Harding Trenzar) had a little too much stretch in it too, so that may have been a contributing factor.

I’m still working on the “Nuuk” sweater, along with a few shawls, but I’m already starting to look for another top- down pullover to cast on. Suggestions are always welcome!

You can find me on Ravelry as ‘southernemma’.

Knitted Pullover Progress as of June 8

In my last post, I mentioned my two WIPs:  Nuuk from Jonna Hietala (using Noro Tennen yarn “Alpine” colorway) and the second is Wedge Yoke Lace Pullover by Eunny Jang (using Louisa Harding Trenzar yarn “Pumpkin” colorway). 

I was hoping to be finished with at least one of them by now, but life has prevented that from happening…more specifically, my sore wrist has prevented that from happening. I have made progress, however, which I’m picturing below. Progress is progress, right?

I’ve been watching several classes on Bluprint (formerly Craftsy), using my subscription (and “own forever” classes) since they’ve announced they’re going to close everything down at some point in the future. Apparently, we’re supposed to be able to download our “own forever” classes, but we won’t have access to the subscription classes after they shut everything down. That could be a year or more from now–they haven’t said yet–but I’m soaking up as much knowledge as I can before everything does shut down. (I have at least 30 “own forever” classes that I’ll have to download since I’ve been on Craftsy since 2015). The Wedge Yoke Lace Pullover by Eunny Jang is from one of those Bluprint classes…as was my first seamless raglan sweater project that I recently finished.

 Nuuk from Jonna Hietala

Memorial Day Week: 2 New Projects & (more) New Yarn

I’ve started two new knitting projects as of Memorial Day…both of which are raglan style knitted tops. The first one is Nuuk from Jonna Hietala (using Noro Tennen yarn “Alpine” colorway) and the second is Wedge Yoke Lace Pullover by Eunny Jang (using Louisa Harding Trenzar yarn “Pumpkin” colorway). The first is worsted weight yarn and the second is chunky weight, so they should work up quickly (and have so far). I’m alternating projects…knitting one in the morning and one in the evening so I don’t get bored with either.

Here are pics of my progress as of two days ago:

On Friday, I stopped by a Huntsville, AL yarn shop, Fiber Artwork, and picked up some British wool yarns: Lore by The Fibre Co. and Soft Donegal 2-ply by Studio Donegal. On Saturday, I revisited Thread in Florence, AL for more Hedgehog Fibres yarn and another bar of lotion by Love+Leche–this time in Lemongrass scent.

Additions to my stash from 2 LYS

I think I’ve bought more yarn during this pandemic than I have to-date this year. But, in my defense, my wedding anniversary, birthday, and Mother’s Day did fall during this time…so I’m technically getting “gifts” of yarn from my husband for those events. And, there was a sale at my LYS (Hook A Frog Fiber & Fun) on Memorial Day, so what was I supposed to do? Our Local Yarn Shops need all the support they can get right now…even the ones that have already opened back up to the public.

With the preamble out of the way, here are my new acquisitions that have not been shown in previous posts:

It is FINISHED!! Anker’s Summer Shirt

I finished my Anker’s Summer Shirt by Petiteknits a few days ago and I’m super pleased with the end results. Part of me already wants to make another one, but I would like to try a few other top-down raglan tops before I circle back around to this one again.

Yarn used on this top: Sublime Yarns Merino Cashmere Silk DK (Cinnamon colorway)