Tour de Fleece 2022, Surgery, and more

I only made it through about ten days of this year’s Tour de Fleece–mostly because I was prepping for major abdominal surgery on July 20th and there was a lot to take care of before my hospital stay (3 days, 2 nights) and 6-8 week recovery.

Here are the yarns that I did spin during the Tour: White Eider, Leicester Longwool, Pineapple fiber, Navajo Churro, Shetland (Cherry Pie from Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium), Rambouillet, and CVM (from Cactus Hill Farm).

I also started experimenting with Krokbragd weaving (or my version of it, at least) before my surgery. I’ve made two coasters so far, but they aren’t completed yet, so here is a picture of the first one still on the loom.

A week after my surgery, I moved back into my original home studio space after my daughter decided she wanted her old room back (after asking to move into my space over a year ago), so I directed my husband and daughter as they moved my things since I couldn’t lift anything over ten pounds yet. Only 10% of my yarn and fibers are actually in the room (most are in the closet and other storage places around the house), but my main equipment is there, so it’s a nice, clean slate to work from when I start feeling up to it.

Because of the move, I was able to find some objects that were buried among my other fiber things. These are ancient drop spindle whorls from all over the world that I started collecting years ago. Three are from Central and South America, while the rest are from Latvia, former Yugoslavia, Northern Ireland, and somewhere else in Europe. Apparently, archaeologists find spindle whorls all the time at dig sites, but they get stored away because they are so “common” and insignificant.


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