Raw Fleece samples & Radnor roving

Life has been chaotic over the past couple of months, but I’ve still managed to get some raw fleece sampling done. I processed some of my Gulf Coast Native sheep’s fleece (Tillie) after finishing a sample from Mocha. I also spun some commercially processed Radnor top from Hearthside Fibers that I bought last spring/summer. The last fleece I started processing was a BFL/ Finn/ Icelandic cross from Minnesota that I found through a raw fleece group on Facebook.

Tillie’s fleece (Gulf Coast Native) is going to be next-to-skin soft with very little kemp (unlike Mocha’s)–based on the sample that I spun a few weeks ago. (These are my personal sheep).

Tillie’s fleece sample (Gulf Coast Native)

I found this moorit BFL/ Icelandic/ Finn raw fleece on a raw fleece FB group from a seller in Minnesota. Total fleece weight was 2.5 lbs with a 3″ staple. I washed this fleece a little differently than other fleeces–just to test a new method. I soaked the fleece in warm water and a cup or two of white vinegar, leaving some of the lanolin in the fleece. I hand carded it into small rolags and it spun beautifully. I ended up with a two-ply fingering/sport weight yarn sample. (41g; 117 yards)

Another wool breed I got to spin last month was the Hill Radnor roving that I bought last year from Hearthside Fibers. Read more about the Hill Radnor breed here. I ended up with 184 yards of 2-ply worsted weight yarn from 104 grams of fiber. It was very pleasant to spin with occasional kemp. Even though the micron count is fairly high (31-33 microns), I could definitely wear this as a cardigan or hat.


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