(Another) Mayan Backstrap Loom arrived! (Kakaw Designs)

My second backstrap loom arrived (pre-warped) from Kakaw Designs (Guatemala). This loom is just a little smaller than the other backstrap loom I ordered from Trama Textiles. I feel like the warp threads are better quality too. Kakaw Designs also has a blog page that has instructional videos available to anyone, so I liked that I didn’t have to wait on videos to arrive.

The Trama Textiles loom was a lot more expensive than this one as well ($100 plus free shipping), which was a bit surprising to me since I got more with this loom (a nice carrying bag was included) and I also got a $10/off coupon since I was a new customer. After the coupon and shipping ($15), I paid $65 total for the loom from Kakaw Designs. I wish I had found the loom from Kakaw first, but oh well.


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