2022: Slow Start and Mayan Backstrap Weaving

The day after New Year’s, I fell ill with covid. A few days later, my husband followed. So, any plans I had of starting 2022 off with a bang (fiber arts-wise) was dashed. We were lucky to only have a mild case of it, so I’m grateful, but it has thrown me into a funk, creativity-wise.

I walk into my fiber room for a few seconds and then turn around and walk back out again. I just can’t focus or decide on anything to do. I’m trying to go easy on myself since I’m still recovering, but it’s hard when I’m used to being so focused and productive.

I did order a backstrap loom from Trama Textiles in Guatemala on December 30th (before I realized I was sick), and it arrived a couple of days ago. I’ve also ordered another one from Kakaw Designs (also coming from Guatemala). Both looms come pre-warped. I’ll post an update when I really get into what I’m doing. The loom from Trama was supposed to come with video tutorials, but there were none in the package (links or otherwise), so I’ve contacted them about that. I think I’ve watched every Youtube video on Mayan backstrap weaving (and backstrap weaving around the world), so I have a general idea of what I’m doing, but I paid for video tutorials, so I would like to get those from Trama.


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