Honey Festival, Outdoor Market, & North Alabama Yarn Skip

Sunday, October 3rd was the 3rd annual Alabama Honey Festival at Artisan’s Cove in Owens Cross Roads, Alabama. Since I teach fiber arts classes at Artisan’s Cove, I decided to become a vendor at this year’s festival. The forecast predicted 90% chance of rain and thunderstorms, but luckily, it only drizzled off and on throughout the event. The host said about half of last year’s numbers made it this year–about 1,500 instead of 3k. Considering the weather, I think it was a decent turnout. I sold about 10 scarves + some additional woven items on my table (bookmarks, tea towels, mug rugs, etc.). I normally don’t attend outside events, so my husband and I had to improvise my setup with some of our existing scarf displays.

This past Sunday, October 10th, I set up again at the same venue for a market day. The weather was sweltering hot, but we had a decent turnout. I only sold one scarf, but I did get a chance to talk with people about classes that I hope to teach in the up coming months at that location. I also brought my spinning wheel and small loom to show how things are made–something I didn’t get to bring to the honey festival because of the rain. The spinning wheel seemed to draw a good bit of attention and I have to remind myself how few people have actually seen handspun yarn being made.

The North Alabama Yarn Skip began on Friday, October 8th, but I didn’t get to start until Saturday. I visited Hook A Frog Fiber & Fun (Madison, AL), Fiber Artwork (Huntsville, AL), and Yarn Boutique of Decatur (Decatur, AL) on Saturday–then traveled to The Taming of the Ewe (Gadsden, AL) and Thread (Florence, AL) on Monday. The event runs through Saturday, Oct. 16th. The only shop I haven’t made it to is Knit Happenz at the Memory Haggler (such a bizarre name) in Birmingham, AL. Since the shop didn’t extend its hours, I doubt I’ll make it down there. But, five out of six shops isn’t bad.

I dyed a custom fiber colorway of Peruvian Highland wool for Hook A Frog Fiber & Fun specifically for the yarn skip, and I’m also selling my hand dyed yarns there as well through the duration of the event.


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