Finished Object: Cotton/Wool Blend Pullover

A week ago today, I finished the pullover I was knitting…using a pattern from a sweater app ( Sweater Generator). Essentially, you add in the row count/stitch count (4″) of the yarn, the recommended needle size and the bust size you want. I followed the directions up to a certain point…until I saw that if I kept going, the sweater was going to be mammoth-sized, so after trying it on before separating the sleeves, I decided to make a design decision and stop where I was. I separated the sleeves about 5-7 rows before the pattern told me to…and luckily, the sweater still fits. The sleeves could’ve used a little decreasing, but I just added the ribbing instead, so they are a little billowy.

I used Tahki Yarns Tucson for this sweater–an aran weight yarn–composed of 52% Cotton/ 48% wool, and it is cloud soft, but still holds its shape. I did toss it in the dryer (not recommended on the ball band), so the fibers fluffed up a bit–which I like.

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