Spinning Miniature Poodle Fur

I met a new friend when I was on a retreat in Tennessee this March who breeds Labradoodles in upstate NY (Adirondack Labradoodles). We got to talking about fiber arts and she kindly sent me some of her miniature poodle’s fur to see if I could spin in. Because I’m always up for a challenge (and because I’ve spun Corgi fur before), I told her I would love to see if I could spin some. So, the fur arrived yesterday and I started spinning this morning. Unlike the Corgi fur I’ve spun, this fur spins fairly easily…even though the staple length is a little shorter than I like to spin. I’ve spun a small sample and I’ve got more on the wheel, and I plan to knit a swatch to send back to her when I get enough yarn from the 1.65 ounces she sent.


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