Wensleydale-X Lamb Raw Fleece Sample & Hog Island Knitted Beanie (from Raw Fleece)

Yesterday, I started sampling a Wensleydale cross lamb fleece that I bought from Cactus Hill Farm (Colorado) several months ago. The fleece is 8.5 lbs, so I washed/scoured about 80 grams of it and I’ve spun 24 grams (appox 59 yds) in a 2-ply sport/dk weight yarn. The yarn is as soft as it looks in the photos and it is definitely against-the-skin soft for me.

80 grams raw fleece became 53 grams after washing/scouring. Total loss of sample: 36%

While I was working on the raw fleece, I also started knitting a beanie using some handspun Hog Island wool from raw fleece that I processed/spun during the 2021 Tour de Fleece. I really disliked everything about working with this particular breed, but at least I got a finished project out of it. The Hog Island breed is part of the Shave ’em to Save ’em project (The Livestock Conservancy).


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