2022 Weaving: Merino/Brushed Alpaca Scarf

Yesterday I wove a scarf using some of the yarn I bought during the 2021 North Alabama Yarn Skip. I used Queensland Perth (a yarn I had woven with before) for the weft and a brushed alpaca yarn from my stash for the warp, doubled with the Perth. This was the first time I had doubled a yarn for weaving, but luckily, it worked out great (and cut my weaving time down).

Today, I’m hoping to finish a beanie knitted with “Weatherwax” the Icelandic ram (from Ballyhoo Farms, KY) handspun from raw fleece–using Lopi Braided Hat pattern from Halldora J (free pattern on Ravelry).


3 thoughts on “2022 Weaving: Merino/Brushed Alpaca Scarf

  1. That is beautiful. I’ve not seen a brushed alpaca yarn before. I don’t get on well with mohair is it like that or less tickles? Our Guild had a talk by a published weaver (I’ve forgotten her name and it was only last Saturday!) and she was showing how colours together can enhance or muddy the other. The white and pink have come out beautifully together. She showed us something pink and green combined together and it came out looking brown!

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    1. Brushed alpaca is quite different from mohair (which I only use on occasion), in my experience. It is very soft and warm without being irritating to work with, especially if you blend it with another fiber. The fibers are larger than mohair, so I’m guessing that may have something to do with it?

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