2022 Raw Fleece to Finished Object: “Weatherwax” Icelandic wool beanie

“Weatherwax” the Icelandic ram (from Ballyhoo Farms, KY) handspun from raw fleece–using Lopi Braided Hat pattern from Halldora J (free pattern on Ravelry).

I originally spun a sample of Weatherwax’s fleece during the 2021 Tour de Fleece, but I didn’t have quite enough to knit the beanie until I spun about 33g more that I had already drum carded. I have about seven pounds total of his fleece, and I’m thinking about what my next projects will be with this fiber. There was very little lanolin (even for an Icelandic), making this fleece the perfect candidate for spinning in the grease–if I decide to go that route in the future.

My cat Punkie–checking out Weatherwax’s fleece after it arrived


2 thoughts on “2022 Raw Fleece to Finished Object: “Weatherwax” Icelandic wool beanie

  1. Do you find it increases the enjoyment of a project when you know the sheep’s name the fleece came from? I have some Shetland X from a sheep called Roxy, and some Shetland X from another friend who doesn’t know or remember which sheep it had come from. I can’t help but prefer working with Roxy’s fleece. All the sheep I needle felt onto my lampshades, baubles and wreaths use Roxy’s fleece.

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    1. I like knowing which sheep my fleece came from (when possible) because it will determine whether I buy another fleece off that sheep again. That’s the main reason I like to know, but I find that my customers LOVE seeing pictures of the sheep their items are made from.

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