Fleece arrival from Brush Prairie Farms, Three Creeks Farm (NH), & Cactus Hill Farm

Nine fleeces arrived from Brush Prairie Farms (Brush Prairie, WA)–a farm I visited when I was in Washington/Oregon in late October. These fleeces are a mix of Gotland, Finn, BFL, + more. Since I knew I would be visiting the area, I contacted Tara, the owner of Brush Prairie Farms, a month before I visited to see if she had any local raw fleeces for sale. After looking them over, I decided to take all that she showed me and she was kind enough to ship them back to Alabama for me since I couldn’t take them on the plane.

I also ordered more Dorset Horn raw fleece from Three Creeks Farm in New Hampshire. I ordered 2-3 pounds a few months ago because the price was so good and I LOVE working with Dorset Horn. This time, I ordered 5 pounds, so I should be set for a while with this breed.

The final fleece that arrived was a Wensleydale cross lamb fleece (8.5 lbs) from Cactus Hill Farm (Colorado). I’ve lost count of the fleeces I’ve bought from this farm, but this is the first Wensleydale I’ve ever purchased. (All Cactus Hill Farm fleeces are organically raised.) And because they had another sale, I’ve ordered two more fleeces from this farm which should be arriving next week.


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