I finally have my own sheep! Meet Tillie & Mocha

Ever since my family moved out to the country (two years ago), I decided that I would eventually have at least a few sheep of my own. Our fenced-in backyard is just under an acre and we have to mow it constantly during the warm months (most of the year in Alabama). After meeting the owner of Alchemy Farms in April, I decided that I would like to have a couple of Gulf Coast Native sheep to start with–mostly because they’re acclimated to hot weather, they’re a conservation breed, and they have resistance to parasites, hoof rot, and other terrible sheep afflictions. My plan was to get a couple of lambs next summer, but because GCN sheep can breed all year long, I got the opportunity to buy some earlier.

So, last Saturday morning, my husband and I picked up our two lambs and brought them home–where we had set up a temporary shelter (a metal-framed 10′ x 10′ “Shed in a Box” and a portable electric fence to separate the yard for rotational grazing. One of the lambs (born in the spring) is a good bit bigger than the other. Her name is Mocha and she is a GCN/North Country Cheviot cross. The other lamb, who my daughter named “Tillie”, is pure GCN and she was born in September. So, at first glance, you might think they were mother/daughter, but they’re actually both lambs–just born at different times this year.

Luckily, I have several other local GCN sheep owners to use as a resource as a new sheep owner (one is 3 minutes up the road from me)–another reason I chose this breed. I would love to have Icelandics, Shetlands, etc., but because of the climate here, I wanted to be wise in choosing the best sheep for my area.


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