Gulf Coast Native X Fleeces from Summer Fields Farm (Monteagle, TN)

I totally forgot to mention the nine fleeces I picked up from Summer Fields Farm in Monteagle, TN on October 20th. I had originally purchased three fleeces from this farm on Etsy, but after messaging the seller, I arranged to pick them up in person, since Monteagle, TN is less than two hours away from where I live in Alabama. So, I bought three online and came home with nine (purchasing the other six after seeing them). I purchased a GCN/Romney fleece (which I’m super excited about) and the others were mostly lamb fleeces that are GCN/Navajo Churro crosses.

mer Raw fleeces from Summer Fields Farm (Monteagle, TN)

This week, I sampled one of the lamb fleeces and knitted up a beanie (“Be Loving” pattern by Melissa Simpson) from my spun sample. Although the staple length was much shorter than I’m usually comfortable with, the finished yarn turned out good and I love the oatmeal/beige color of the yarn.


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