Trip to Oregon/Washington State

I finally got to visit the pacific northwest from October 27-30th…on a trip to meet my son’s girlfriend’s family. While I was there, I visited Brush Prairie Farms (Brush Prairie, Washington) where I checked out her raw fleeces (and am having several shipped to me since I couldn’t bring them on the plane)… and found some hand dyed fiber and yarn from High Fiber Artz at the Gresham Farmer’s Market (Gresham, Oregon). I also got to visit several locations from the movie ‘The Goonies’ — a 1980’s movie that I grew up watching. And, of course, I had to visit the North American Bigfoot Center since I was in the heart of Sasquatch country.

Tara from Brush Prairie Farms (Washington) was nice enough to allow me to visit some of her fleece…and pick out about 9 raw fleeces from her sheep. There are a mix of Finn, Friesian, BFL, Suffolk, and Gotland cross fleeces, so I’m excited to get those shipped to me.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve spun the 100% Romney from High Fiber Artz (locally sourced and milled in Oregon) and knitted part of the yarn into a beanie.


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