Duncan Scottish Tartan Woven Scarf & Several Knitted Beanies, and Misc.

Before I left for my trip to the pacific northwest, I wove a pickup stick pattern scarf–more to just experiment with new patterns than anything else. The scarf below is the result of that project.

After I returned from my trip, I wove a Duncan Scottish tartan scarf for my friend from Washington, who happens to be a Duncan. This was the first time I had woven this tartan, and because of the width of the pattern, I was only able to do a portion of the warp design…but otherwise, it is a balanced tartan.

Since I’m planning to have a booth at the Hartselle Holiday Market this year (Hartselle, Alabama), I have started knitting beanies for those who might not want any of my woven items. The yellow/white beanie was knitted from GCN raw fleece that I handspun and dyed with annatto seeds.


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