Raw Fleece Arrival: Scottish Blackface, (more) Dorset Horn, & Shetland

On September 16th, I received a Scottish Blackface lamb fleece from McKinney Sheep Ranch that I ordered from a FB raw wool group. I’ve wanted to try Scottish Blackface wool for a while now, but had trouble finding it in the U.S. Ashley McKinney also sent me a handmade soy candle and a bar of goat milk soap along with the fleece. I’ve washed a small sample of the fleece, but it’s currently on my backlog.

After buying the Scottish Blackface fleece, I found some Dorset Horn (or Horned Dorset–however you like to say it) from New Hampshire, so I ordered three pounds of it –mostly because I loved the small bit of Dorset Horn I processed during the Tour de Fleece. I haven’t started processing it yet, but it looks amazing, so I can’t wait to get some of it washed and processed.

Then, after saying I would stop buying more raw fleeces because I have more than enough, I bought two Shetland fleeces, “Tim” and “Miel Rouge” from Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium–because, why not? I’m already in over my head at this point, so I figure I’ll just go for broke.


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