Art Batt Spinning in 2020

Last fall, the yarn shop I work at hosted a fiber blending workshop with Claire Cabe of Lucca Dot Yarn, who also happens to be a good friend and mentor.

Some of the participants weren’t spinners themselves, so Claire and I spun for those who couldn’t spin for themselves. I thought most of them would want the beautiful art yarn that Claire spins, but several wanted plain, single-ply yarn–so I got to spin those. I’ve spun 5 skeins so far (I got way behind between the Deep South Yarn Hop event and my dad going into the hospital for all of December), and I’ve got several more to go.

I’m usually fast at spinning, but my back has been giving me problems off and on for the last couple of months, so I’m forcing myself to take it slow–even though these skeins are long overdue. Thankfully, the recipients have been (and continue to be) patient with me.

These art batts are blends of merino, bamboo, stellina, firestar, and sheep locks–available from Lucca Dot Yarn.

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