WIP: My Home Studio Space

After 11 years in a small, 3 bedroom house, my family and I finally moved into a larger house in the middle of August. Luckily, this new house has enough extra space that allows me to have a home weaving studio. The room is somewhat oddly shaped, so I’m taking it slow when it comes to figuring out how to be use the space. Because the ceilings are slanted, I’m thinking I’ll have to put shelves on the walls at some point to maximize storage space. The door to the walk-in attic space is also in this room…which is why the plastic bins are in front of it at the moment.

The closet came with the built-in shelving units, so I’m using them as-is for now, but I may end up moving them around later.

I’ve always tried to have some design-element to each room in my home, but at the moment, this room is just a purely functional space. Perhaps if I spend enough time on Pinterest, I can come up with some better storage and design ideas for this room.

View from the doorway
View from window
Main yarn storage containers (at present)
Closet space
Additional yarn storage cabinet

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